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Schools play an important role in the personality development of a child. Be it a CBSE school in Delhi or of any other education board, a child’s future depends on the quality of schooling. Thus it is highly crucial that parents and guardians choose the right school for their little ones. 

The GD Goenka Public School in Rohini, one of the top 10 schools in Rohini excels in education as well as co-curriculum and ensures an all-around development of your child. 

For your Child’s Better Future

With an exceptional infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies, GD GOENKA Rohini has achieved the fame of the best CBSE School in Rohini. Here are the key features that have made the institution one of a kind.

  • Digitalized classrooms with      ultra-modern gadgets, and well-equipped labs to make learning more fun.
  • Centralized air-conditioning      and a lush green campus to soothe the minds of the students.
  • A blend of educational as well      as co-curricular activities to encourage versatility in the students.
  • Professional guidance to the      students to assist them in any need.
  • Regular excursions and visits      to heritage sites, outdoor trips to encourage creativity in children.

Schooling Shapes a Child’s Career

Teachers play the most important role in shaping the lives and the careers of children. Right from early childhood, children are taught about proper behaviour, manners, and basic education in schools. The duty lies upon the parents to admit their children to the best possible school.

At GD GOENKA Rohini, with a balanced curriculum and experienced teachers, you can be completely sure of your child’s overall development and career. This CBSE School in Rohini has left a lasting mark in the minds of the students. The warm-hearted testimonials of the alumni speak in favour of the outstanding quality of education imparted by the teachers here. 

The First Step to your Child’s Success

Most parents are confused with the education of their child. A simple search on Google about the best schools in Rohini brings up hundreds of names. Choosing one among them and especially when it is related to your child’s future is a herculean task.

Thus, we suggest you understand the infrastructure and consider the staff profile of each school carefully. At GD GOENKA Rohini, our teachers are highly efficient in counselling the students and adapting teaching technologies according to their needs. With this futuristic approach, students can be better guided as per their interests and passion. 

So what are you waiting for? Gift your children a chance to get the best schooling in the finest of all schools in Rohini and lead them a step closer to success


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